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* Director of Operations of the UN International Peacekeeping Forces in Brazil in São Paulo.
Blue Beret (Boiana Azul ABFIP);
* Institutional Director of Intelligence for BUSF-BRASIL -CPLP;

* Ten. Cel. Chief of Staff Intelligence Chaplaincy Cruz Azul de la Paz;
* Vice - International Director CAEMC (Center for Higher Studies Military and Civilian).
Positions held:

- Superintendent of State Intelligence of São Paulo for the ADSF (Association of Detectives Without Borders);
- Superintendent of Municipal Intelligence of São Paulo by ANPIP;
- International Intelligence Agent for South America (ABRINP);
- Private Intelligence Agent;
-Detection, Investigator, Expert, Field Agent by MRS;
- Deputy director of the World Peace Committee in Brazil;
- Friend of Social Causes by the UN World Peace Committee;
* Captain Chaplain instructor Red Berets Mission Pro Haiti (ABRAONG - ONU);
* Ten Cel chaplain Commander of the Common High Chaplaincy NOHE



* Commander of the Guardian of Honor Union Corpus Saint Lazarus International in Brazil ;
* Captain Union Corps Saint Lazarus International VIENNA Austria / Extraordinary Member of the CSLI - Brazil.


- He was Major & Peace Ambassador to Terrorism of the Palomino Island Air Force. Minister of War / Defense;
- Ten. Colonel, Ambassador, International Superintendent of Intelligence for South America, Chaplaincy Instructor for Military Affairs, Director of Tactical Intelligence Operations, Noble Order for Human Excellence - Intergovernmental Organization.



* Commander, Chancellor Great Cross of the Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistic; http://www.heraldica.org.br/
* Academy Honorary Director William Shakespeare Brazil & England;

- Academic Member of the Brazilian Confederation of Letters and Arts (CONBLA);
- Named Cultural Delegate for SP region (CONBLA);
- Ambassador of Peace (Brazilian Confederation of Letters and Arts) CONBLA;
- Acting member of Conseg Interlagos Capela do Socorro.

* Diplomatic Corps Member HIS EXCELLENCY HONORARY CAPTAIN - American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations
Intergovernmental Organization (ADMIR).



Performance in courses.
Military and Public and Private Security Courses:

- Presidential Security Course of the Presidency of the Republic BGP (Battalion of the Presidential Guard / PE Police of the Army);
- Course Panel Hunter Activity Controlled products of the Brazilian Army Battalion of the Presidential Guard Brasilia -DF
- Course Explosive Artifacts and Bomb Threat;
- Course of Cinofilia & Cinoténia by the Brazilian Air Force;
- Driving dogs;
- Security of Authorities of the Brazilian Air Force;
- Anti-terrorism for Aviation;
- International Military Observer United Nations (United Nations) Course;
- Defensive Direction, Dodge, anti-kidnapping and offensive Vip;
- Anti-TSTI sequestration (Israeli Systems and Tactical Techniques);
- Security at Airports;
- Defensive Shooting Course Giraldi Method;
- Tactical actions and immobilization CATI Civil Police Rio de Janeiro;
- Handling and firing of pistol and 12 gauge;
- Basic Tactical Shooting and Advanced Glock Gun;
- C.O.A.R.T.S High risk operations and survival tactics;
- CHACAL-Circuit of Qualification in Combat Actions and Lethal Weapons;
- Counter - Terrorism Operations;
- CQB - Close Quarter Batlle;
- International Course on Executive Protection;
- Crisis Management;
- Risk analysis;
- Leadership Coach and Strategic Management;
- Private Security Supervisor;
- Armored escort;
- Private Personal Security (VSPP);
- Industrial Security;
- Hospital Safety;
- Security in Hotels;
- Security in shopping malls;
- Banking Security;
- Security in Major Events;
- Training of Watchers;
- Anti Hacker for PHP developers;
- Private Intelligence Agent;
- International Intelligence Agent;
- Internet security;
- Radio amateur by ANATEL;
- Non-lethal weapons and equipment;
- Non-lethal weapons and equipment II;
- Training Course on Human Resources for Prevention of Drug Abuse DENARC - São Paulo.

Certified by Graber Services:
- Concepts and Operations.

Medals and Orders:
- Scout Medal of Good Action for the act of Bravery in Rescue, drowning with victim with risk of Death;

* Honorary member of the Brazilian Air Force for services rendered to FAB

- Order of Cultural Civic Merit - Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics;
- National Order of Merit of the Entrepreneur Visconde de Mauá - Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics;
- Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit of the Entrepreneur Visconde de Mauá Brazilian Society of Heraldry and Humanistics;

- Premium Oscar Rui Barbosa da Justiça - International Order of Parliamentarians of the Portuguese language.
- Constitutionalist Medal of 32 - Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (MMDC);
- Medal - Dráuzio  Military Police of the State of São Paulo Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (MMDC);
- Medal - Governor Pedro de Toledo  - Military Police of the State of São Paulo Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (MMDC);
- Colar da Vitória - Military Police of the State of São Paulo Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 (MMDC).
- Medal -  Cinquentenário UN International Forces for Peace (ABFIP-UN);
- Medal - Jubileu de Prata UN International Peacekeeping Forces (ABFIP-ONU);
- Medal - Jubileu de Brilhante UN International Peacekeeping Forces (ABFIP-ONU);
- Medal - Tiradentes  - Patron of the Military Police (ABFIP-ONU);
- Medal - Order of Merit ColarGrau Cavaleiro (ABFIP-ONU);
- Medal - Merito dos Pacificadores das Forças Internacionais de Paz (ABFIP-ONU);
- Medal -  Medalha Granadeiro  BGP Batalhão de Guarda  da Presidência - DF- Brasilia
- Medal of the Order Tiro de Guerra - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Duque de Caxias - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Brigadeiro Sampaio - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Maria Quitéria - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Marechal Rondon - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Olavo Bilac - Brazilian Army;
- Medal of the Order of Merit  Mallet - Brazilian Army.

- Medal of the Santos Dumont Order of Merit - Brazilian Air Force;
- Medal of the Order of Merit Bartolomeu de Gusmão - Brazilian Air Force.
- Medal of 10 years of Good services - Brazilian Air Force.
- Friend of the Navy Medal - Navy of Brazil.

- Affiliated to the MJN shooting club in São Paulo / SP
- Shooter CR & Collector

- It was Personal Security of singer Fabio Júnior and his son Fiuk in Hori Band and novel Malhação;
- It was Personal Security of the President of Banco Itau Roberto Setubal.
Martial arts
Purple belt 3 kiu Dan in Judo ONO master Takashi.
Contact Phone:
Cel & Whatssap  55 11973679953
site: http://www.abfiponu.org.br/
E-mail abfiponudiretoriaoperacional@yahoo.com
At 11 years of age, he entered Scouting in the 125 Bororos Group, being Scout, Senior Scout, Pioneer.
In 1992 he was one of the two founders of the Divine Scout Group 118 Verbo Divino, the first Catholic Scout group in São Paulo, where he was also the acting head of the session, the Boy Scout Leader and the Senior Chief.
In 1991, he joined the Brazilian Army Air Force, a mandatory military service, forming a second class SSG soldier.
In 1992, he held a competition for Sgt from Aeronautics to EEAR (Guarantuetá Specialist School) in Guaratinguetá - São Paulo, graduated as an expert sergeant BMA in the structure and fuselage of t 25 and t27 aircraft of the Smoke Squadron (Air Force Academy).

Colonel Angelo Madeira Neto